What is Rhonda hiding?

Rhonda Lenton Expenses York University

Apparently enough to take down this website... because of a screenshot

But we're back! We've got more domain names than Lenton has dubious expense claims. Maybe not that many. Nobody has that many domains.


Rhonda Lenton's not the only administrator at York University. In fact, there are many high paid individuals filling ceremonial roles. This week we'll have a look at how one of them has been spending our tuition on "expenses".

You might remember M.Michael Schiff, the York University administrator that was issued a legal summons in relation to a deceptive web redirect registered to York University. Well it seems that he has gone missing. Given Rhonda Lenton's ability to make our tuition and tax dollars disappear and that she likes to meet with alleged international criminals, we should all be concerned about M. Michael Schiff's whereabouts. You can help by sharing this image or posting this printable version in as many places as possible.

Things we bought for Rhonda Lenton:

And now for some details from A Yorked Story; Bk. IV, Ch. XVI: "Rhonda Lenton & The Disappearing Tuition"

Rhonda Lenton has a history of lavish spending. Before Rhonda was president, York University’s internal auditing department red flagged her expenses for not complying with Senate bylaws. It didn’t matter though, Rhonda got reimbursed with our tuition and taxes anyways.

Remember how our first site got mysteriously taken down because of a screenshot? Rhonda Lenton and the York administrators wouldn't want anyone thinking she would admit to spending our tuition and tax dollars on $400.00 headphones, $1,200.00 chairs, $$$$ luxory flights and hotel rooms, meetings with alleged corporate criminals, and hiring "crisis management" firms to manipulate us. She'd never admit to actually doing those things so why risk having a screenshot that might make people to think she would admit to it.

Rhonda has been quite clear about the York University administration's stance on internet protocols. Surely we can trust an administration that did not register a website that might mislead York community members. They wouldn't risk breaking the law like that! Can you imagine how much they'd have to pay the lawyers using our tuition and tax dollars? But Rhonda, the courts seem to think an administrator on your team might have something to do with it.

Would the York University administration really do that? Go on the internet and tell lies? What about that domain name bearing similarities to a certain York University community organization that redirected to the administration's "labour announcement" page? Don't worry though, that changed once questions were asked. But all is not lost! The lawyers our tuition and taxes pay have a history of using a single York administrator to gladly take the fall for a handsome settlement. Then the administration will pay a "crisis management" firm to tell us what to think about it all and it will be business as usual.


Rhonda really likes to go to China! Remember in 2016 when she spent $12,438.86 of our tuition and taxes on lavish flights? Well a year before that she spent $13,183.36 doing the same thing. We even paid for her hotel upgrade. Oh, and don't forget the $788.49 we spent on her "hospitality", including a "moderate amount of wine"

Why is it so difficult to find what Rhonda Lenton is hiding? Maybe it's because she meets with expensive "crisis management" PR firms known for their ability to control public opinion? Rhonda's PR firm has "managed" opinion and media coverage surrounding alleged sex offenders and apparent manslaughterers. For at least $600.00/hour of our tuition money, are Rhonda's crisis management cronies attempting to manipulate us?

Rhonda likes to hold luncheons with politicians that have a penchant for secrets surrounding public money and shady subsidiary "development" corporations. I wonder where, or what, our tuition is hiding?


Pack a $94.88 suitcase full of goodies and grab a $183.06 chauffeur ride on the 407 Toll Route. This week we're travelling the globe, first class and all inclusive, paid for with tuition and taxes! Oh, the people we'll meet...Don't forget to save your reciepts, even the ones for $0.90! It would be a shame to only take home $339,999.02

Before her conversion to President, Rhonda was an academic. Even with her busy schedule meeting alleged international criminals, she still finds time for her research. Just last year she presented a paper in Prague. Unlike most academics, Rhonda was able to expense her $3,090.20 business class airfare. I guess that was the most "economic" ticket available, yet again. Inlcuding her hotel, taxi rides and meals, Rhonda spent $4,628.60 of our tuition and taxes. No word on whether or not the paper was well received.

Rhonda has spent a lot of time in London over the years. Like that time in 2016 that she expensed $7,260.78 for a flight to meet with [REDACTED]. Who could this mysterious stranger be? Maybe it was the same person she met a year earlier, Victor Dahdaleh, donor and allegedly corrupt international billionaire known for possible bribery. He is an honorary almum, after all. Maybe that's why she had to spend another $7,534.62 to meet with Jeff O'Hagan after an event with chairman Dahdaleh's trans-national business consortium. I guess the justification for expensing tuition on lavish flights is promoting our international reputation of "progressiveness, our commitment to social justice, accessibility and inclusivity", by meeting with alleged international criminals.

Rhonda has been travelling using our tuition for a long time. Like the time she went to Washington and paid $774.40 to stay at the Ritz Carlton! I guess back when she wasn't the one signing off on the expense reports she had to pretend to justify such absurd spending. Don't worry, the note assures us the Ritz is a regularily priced, "non-luxury", hotel. Perhaps if Rhonda was better at planning she might have gotten a better deal. I'm sure this doesn't reflect on her ability to plan the future of our university.

Rhonda went to China! Even though the Senate Policy on reimbusement clearely states that airfare must be as "economic as possible" Rhonda flew first class to Shanghai, costing us $2,262.16. But that's nothing compared to the $5,751.26 she paid for a flight from Hong Kong to Toronto. We didn't even know you could pay that much for a plane ticket. Including the $2,581.17 spent on hotel rooms and a bunch of dinner dates, Rhonda managed to spend $12,438.86, all charged to an expense account that is separate from her annual salary, both of which are paid for by students and taxpayers!

But wait Rhonda, there's more!